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2018 update

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Successful builders often live in the worst homes. Perhaps successful developers have the worst websites? They’re too busy building sites and applications for other people. That’s my excuse.

It’s been a hectic decade. Numerous client projects, hundreds of SitePoint articles, video courses, and conference presentations meant my corporate website redesign was pushed to the bottom of the priority list. That said, the old website still worked remarkably well owing to its adherence to web standards. Mobile viewing wasn’t great, but the site never broke and retained performance as web technology evolved.

Don’t let that put you off! Please contact us to discuss your projects and requirements.

Old articles

I’m afraid they’ve gone as have the comments. Some may have been interesting to historians, but I’m not convinced people wanted to read about IE7 issues or apply Windows Vista-like CSS effects. I’m happy to let anyone have the WordPress MySQL database dump, though.

Technology stack

My old site was WordPress powered. I still love WordPress but it can be overkill for smaller sites.

This new site is built using a Static Site Generator which renders markdown files into HTML templates. It provides the best possible performance and unbreakable (mostly) security. The technology stack includes Node.js, Gulp.js and Metalsmith combined with an assortment of off-the-shelf and custom plugins. Most images were sourced from generous photographers at Unsplash.

The design is responsive, printer-friendly and uses Progressive Web App technology. On mobile, you may be prompted to add it to your home screen and the site has offline functionality when supported.