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Why have a Progressive Web App?

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All our websites and apps have been implemented as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) since 2016. The concept is new so clients rarely ask for a PWA, but it seems irresponsible not to add the technologies. The benefits are considerable:

PWAs use standard web development APIs and are supported (to differing levels) in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge and Safari.

Web agency support

Unfortunately, few web development agencies have adopted PWA techniques. Clients don’t know it’s an option and developers often lack appropriate knowledge. However, the core concepts are simple:

  1. Enable secure HTTPS (preferably HTTP/2) on your system.
  2. Create a web app manifest with information about your app’s name, icons, colours etc.
  3. Create a service worker. This is the root of PWA complexity but even an empty file will enable some functionality.

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