the benefits of both HTML and PDF

Is PDF your best option?

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Exporting a PDF report from a web-based application has several benefits:

  1. Most browsers offer PDF export.
  2. The document is read-only and can be distributed by email.
  3. It can be viewed offline by anyone using a PDF reader.

Unfortunately, there are several downsides:

  1. Controlling the PDF creation process using CSS print styles is limited.
  2. The resulting file size can be large.
  3. PDF readers must be installed on some Operating Systems.
  4. The layout is a fixed size and difficult to use on small-screen devices.
  5. PDF accessibility and copy/paste can fail.

why are we converting one perfectly good document format to another?

Ultimately, why we are converting one perfectly good document format to another? These reports are already generated in HTML…

Could we export a single HTML document? Could it have all the benefits of PDF with none of the problems?

That was the subject of my presentation at the TechExeter conference in September 2018.

HTML proof of concept

My objective was to create a report preview page which could download a static representation of itself as a single HTML file. It would look like a PDF document, have numbered pages/slides, would print well, be viewable offline, and could be distributed to anyone via email or other communication methods.

The resulting code can be found at github.com/craigbuckler/html5-export or you can view the demonstration.

The report content can be created on the server and/or client. All CSS and image assets are inlined using base64 encoding where necessary. The preview permits slides to be toggled and allows some basic editing (see the paragraph on page 8).

When the download icon link is clicked, a JavaScript event handler:

  1. Extracts all code from the <head> and <main> elements using .innerHTML. All other page content is ignored.
  2. Removes unnecessary slides, whitespace, comments, <script> tags, etc.
  3. Adds the code to the href attribute of the download icon as a data URI.

the downloaded HTML document works in any browser

The link sets the download attribute to force a file download. While this process does not currently work in Edge or IE, the downloaded HTML document can be opened in any browser and distributed as easily as a PDF.

HTML export for your application

The code is a demonstration but you are free to use and adapt it for your own web-based systems. Alternatively, we can help you with the implementation process - please contact us to discuss your requirements…