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About us

OptimalWorks Ltd is a UK company founded by Craig Buckler and Claire Buckler in 2006. We are primarily a technology company but our aim is to help organisations build their business.

Craig Buckler: director and developer

I have devoted most of my career to the open web. The technologies change rapidly but the core approach remains the same: this is for everyone.

this is for everyone Tim Berners-Lee, web developer

I have worked with big names throughout the industry but also take on smaller projects. Even the newest start-up company can provide stunning online services which change the way people use the web.

Claire Buckler: secretary and business developer

It’s my job to ensure you understand the benefits we can bring to your next web site or application. Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

Other personnel

We call on a range of experts in the technology, mobile, design and development industries to help create the best solution for you.

Company policies

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